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Bist Baspar Espadana is a company specialized in Iran in producing polypropylene pipes and connections. The company started to work in 2005 and is located in Mobarakeh Industrial Zone, one the Iranian outstanding industrial zones in Esfahan, Iran,. The company is comprised of 11000 square meters of workplace including workshops, laboratories, warehouses and administrative and engineering offices.
Our intention to make high quality productions has made Bist Baspar Espadana, one of the most successful companies in Iran which has always been recognized as a prominent company in the field.
The company produces pipes, connections and other respective tools. Bist Baspar Espadana has undertook itself to make very high quality productions and to guarantee them for 10 years. This is an evidence of our certainty in the quality of our productions.
We, in Bist Baspar Espadana Company, hope to satisfy your needs and to be a trustworthy party in your buisniess.

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The difference of our company with others

The difference of Bist Baspar Espadana Company with others companies is in this belief: We believe that the customer is not a short-term goal, but the final goal of all our activities and intentions. This is the success secret of the Bist Baspar Espadana Company

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